3 Ways To Reduce The Signs Of Aging

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Aging is inevitable and surgical procedures to reduce wrinkles or other age-related skin concerns may leave you with artificial-looking results. Several techniques can prevent exacerbation of the aging process or improve any current skin issues. Start With Skin Care Ideally, you should start a good skin care routine early, well before you start noticing wrinkles or other aging-related concerns. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser once or twice per day.

4 March 2019

Choosing Between Medical And Surgical Abortion: What's The Best Choice?

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In the early weeks of a pregnancy, there are two types of abortion available: medical abortion and surgical abortion. If you've found that you do not wish to continue your pregnancy, you may need to choose between these two options. Here's what you'll need to know before you walk into a clinic. Your Insurance May Only Cover One It's possible that an insurance company will only cover an early surgical abortion.

13 January 2019