Medical Workup To Rule Out Neurological Deficits

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Whether you were involved in a serious motor vehicle, suffered a stroke, or exhibited certain symptoms, your neurology specialist will recommend a diagnostic medical workup to rule out neurological deficits. While some of your diagnostic tests can be performed in your doctor's office, other tests may require a trip to the hospital. Here are some diagnostic tests that may be included in your medical workup to rule out neurological deficits.

3 November 2020

At-Home First Aid Tips for Minor Burns

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If you burn yourself seriously, you should seek medical care. However, small and minor burns—such as those that occur if you touch your forehead with a curling iron or bump your arm on a hot pan—can usually be treated at home. You do need to know how to treat them, though. Apply the following first aid tips so you can recover in time. 1. Cool the burn down with water or ice.

2 October 2020

Eye Pain? You Need to See an Ophthalmologist

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Most people experience itchy or dry eyes at least on occasion. But what if your eyes actually hurt and are painful? That's a different matter entirely, and it can be pretty serious. You really need to look into why your eyes hurt, and the best way to do that is to see an ophthalmologist, who is a medical doctor who specializes in treating eye conditions. Here are a few of the possible causes they'll consider and discuss with you.

26 August 2020