Picking The Best Assisted Living Facility


When it is time to evaluate assisted living facilities for your loved ones, you can't be too picky. Whether it is for a really close friend or a beloved family member, finding the right assisted living situation should be a well-thought-out process. There are sure to be multiple assisted living facilities in the area, and you need to make sure that you pick the right one. There are a few different things that you should look for in the assisted living you pick.

23 June 2017

3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Eyes During The Spring


The arrival of spring means more than just warmer temperatures and flowers blooming. It can be a tough time for your eyes. You can suffer from everything from dry eyes to runny eyes. If you struggle with eye problems during the spring, here are some ways you can protect your eyes throughout the season.  Switch to Eyeglasses If you wear contact lenses, dealing with seasonal allergies will be complicated. The lenses do not cause you to have allergies, but they can exacerbate the situation.

15 March 2017

Four Natural Herbs And Supplements That May Help Fight Menopause Symptoms


Menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats can really get in the way of your daily life. But while hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, can help ease these symptoms, it is not for everyone. Your doctor may recommend against HRT if you are already at an increased risk of blood clots or cancer -- or you may experience side effects like nausea and weight gain that make you unwilling to continue HRT.

8 February 2017

Three Ways to Bolster Your Immune System Without Popping Any Pills


A healthy immune system can not only help you avoid colds and the flu but also help you to avoid more serious, ongoing ailments like rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Those who want to boost their immune systems are often told to take supplements such as vitamin C and echinacea. But what else can you do to foster a healthy immune system? Here are four ways to build a healthier immune system without popping any pills.

15 November 2016

The 411 on Your Child's Sprained Ankle


Ensuring your child is safe, healthy, and happy is a priority when becoming a parent, so you may schedule regular medical and dental checkups for your child. Even with these periodic evaluations, your child may require more care for different illnesses. If your child plays sports, they may require specialized care after an injury during a game or practice. Considering ankle sprains are the most common single injury in high school sports, understanding the signs and treatment options is key to your child's recovery.

1 April 2016

3 Things You Didn't Know About Palliative Care


The term "palliative care" may have ominous overtones, but if you're suffering from terrible pain or other symptoms that make daily existence a nightmare, it can literally be a lifesaver. Palliative care is a treatment regimen aimed at calming severe symptoms of all kinds, helping you tolerate your medication, cope with your condition and generally enjoy a higher quality of life -- and for some patients with life-threatening illnesses, it may even help prolong survival.

22 February 2016

Placental Abruption And Twins: What Expectant Moms Need To Know


Placental abruption is a rare and serious pregnancy complication that can endanger your unborn babies' lives. The condition affects around 1 in 150 pregnancies, but the risk of the condition is higher if you are expecting twins or triplets. Find out what causes placental abruption and learn more about the steps you may need to take to cope with the condition. What is placental abruption? The placenta is a vital organ that is the lifeline between your babies and your blood supply.

12 January 2016

Arthritis Pain And Your Feet: 3 Options To Help You Find Relief


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 52.5 million Americans are living with the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. If you are experiencing the symptoms of arthritis in your feet, you know how difficult it can be to perform simple, everyday tasks. Don't spend another day living with the pain, swelling and agony associated with arthritis of the feet and instead, here are a few simple tips that will help you find relief:

28 December 2015

A Home Or Rehab: Which Should Come First For Homeless People?


If you are paying taxes in the United States, you should be concerned about how some of the money you pay functions to help those who are homeless and struggling with addiction. Many people living on the streets in urban America have trouble with alcohol and drug addictions; it is estimated that 38% of the homeless population in America is addicted to alcohol, while 26% is addicted to drugs. Many programs intended to help the homeless find housing, clothing, jobs, and adequate nutrition are dependent upon these people "

23 March 2015

Consider An Integrative Medicine Program For Your Weight Loss Goals


With an integrative medicine program for weight loss, you and your health care team will focus on mental and emotional strategies in addition to practicing healthy eating habits and doing a reasonable amount of exercise. This comprehensive process helps you  feel full while eating less, avoid emotional eating and binge eating, end cravings, boost your metabolism and develop a healthier attitude about food.  If this sounds difficult to believe, understand that integrative medicine programs seek to combine the best of both holistic and standardized medical care.

18 February 2015