How To Talk To Your Primary Care Physician About Depression

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Primary care physicians often serve as a gateway to specialist services. They evaluate patients and treat many ordinary problems and then refer their patients on to a network of specialists, like cardiologists and rheumatologists, in order to get clearer diagnostic care and more appropriate treatment. However, many primary care physicians are willing to handle issues with mental health—particularly depression—themselves, without referring patients over to costly therapists until medication has been given a chance.

27 December 2016

Overactive Bladder: What's Really Causing Your Need to Constantly Pee?

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If you urinate, or pee, more than eight times a day, and regularly during the night, you may have an overactive bladder. The Cleveland Clinic reveals that urinating six to eight times a day is the normal range for males and females. Consuming more liquids, drinking caffeine or taking certain medications can increase your frequency. But if you're not doing any of these things, it's time to examine your health. You could have an underlying health issue that causes your need to pee.

21 December 2016

Viral Croup And Your Toddler: 4 Important Aspects A Parent Should Know

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As a parent, you've probably heard about croup and how it mostly affects infants and toddlers. If your toddler has become ill with an upper respiratory infection, perhaps you suspect he or she has developed viral croup. Your child's pediatrician can make a positive diagnosis and recommended treatment. Meanwhile, there are several aspects you should know to better understand this medical condition and help your child recover. Here is what your child's pediatrician would want you to know:

5 December 2016

4 Dental Mistakes Than May Be Hurting Your Kids

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No matter how good their intentions are, it's impossible to get kids to do all the right things for their dental health all the time. Kids will be kids, and you have to pick your battles when it comes to helping your them develop optimal dental care habits. However, if you find that your family is making the following four mistakes, try to curb them right away. Your kids' teeth will thank you!

22 November 2016

Three Ways to Bolster Your Immune System Without Popping Any Pills


A healthy immune system can not only help you avoid colds and the flu but also help you to avoid more serious, ongoing ailments like rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Those who want to boost their immune systems are often told to take supplements such as vitamin C and echinacea. But what else can you do to foster a healthy immune system? Here are four ways to build a healthier immune system without popping any pills.

15 November 2016

Swollen, Watery Eyes Won't Stop Itching? Find Safe Treatments Now

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If your swollen, watery, and itchy eyes keep you down, you may try different medications to ease your symptoms, including taking OTC cold medications. Although most cold medications contain ingredients that can reduce swelling and stuffiness in your nasal cavity, the drugs may not work well for your watery, swollen, and itchy eyes. In addition, cold medications might contain ingredients you don't know about or should take, and these can be dangerous for you.

20 October 2016

4 Ways Cosmetic Dentists Can Improve Your Smile

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Teeth that are stained, discolored, or misshapen can negatively affect your confidence in both personal and professional interactions. Fortunately, the services of a dental professional, such as David Jackson, DDS, mean that you do not have to live with these problems forever. Here are four ways that cosmetic dentists can give you a healthier and more natural-looking smile. Teeth whitening Teeth whitening is almost always the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions cosmetic dentistry.

26 September 2016

The 411 on Your Child's Sprained Ankle


Ensuring your child is safe, healthy, and happy is a priority when becoming a parent, so you may schedule regular medical and dental checkups for your child. Even with these periodic evaluations, your child may require more care for different illnesses. If your child plays sports, they may require specialized care after an injury during a game or practice. Considering ankle sprains are the most common single injury in high school sports, understanding the signs and treatment options is key to your child's recovery.

1 April 2016

3 Things You Didn't Know About Palliative Care


The term "palliative care" may have ominous overtones, but if you're suffering from terrible pain or other symptoms that make daily existence a nightmare, it can literally be a lifesaver. Palliative care is a treatment regimen aimed at calming severe symptoms of all kinds, helping you tolerate your medication, cope with your condition and generally enjoy a higher quality of life -- and for some patients with life-threatening illnesses, it may even help prolong survival.

22 February 2016

Children And Varicose Veins: Advice For Parents

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You may think that varicose veins are only an issue for older patients, but this assumption is not strictly true. While relatively uncommon in children and teens, varicose veins can still affect young people. What's more, this symptom can point to another underlying medical problem for your son or daughter, so it's important to ask a doctor to check out any problem veins. Find out why children get varicose and spider veins, and learn more about the treatment options available.

2 February 2016