What Your OB Wants You To Know About Water Birth

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For many obstetricians, or OBs, one of the most common questions that occur involves the best way to give birth. For many women, giving birth is a scary and uncertain ordeal. It is natural to have some concerns about the future of your labor and delivery. You may be considering a water birth as part of your birth plan. If this is a consideration for you, there are a few things you should know about it.

11 February 2021

Why You Should Get A Second Opinion About Your Belly Pain

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Many people suffer from belly pain. If you suffer from this type of pain yourself, then you might have already seen your doctor to look for answers and advice. However, it might be time for you to look for a second opinion from another doctor. These are a few reasons why it's often worth it to seek a second opinion about belly pain. You Can Do It Online You might dread getting a second opinion because you might not want to have to schedule yet another doctor's appointment.

6 January 2021