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Natural Ways To Combat Varicose Veins

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If you have noticed that the veins in your legs have become more visible or that they are raised, you could be suffering from varicose veins. This condition occurs when the veins in your legs fail to drain properly. Blood pools in the veins, causing swelling, discomfort, and vein discoloration. Before you make the decision to invest in surgical treatment for your varicose veins, you may want to try some less invasive treatments instead.

Here are three natural ways to help combat your varicose veins in the future.

1. Take some horse chestnut.

Seeds from the horse chestnut tree contain a nutrient called aescin, which can help to improve the health and function of your veins. Ingesting horse chestnut orally distributes aescin throughout your body.

This nutrient can relax the endothelial lining inside your capillaries, strengthening the structural stability of your veins and allowing some of the small gaps in the vein wall to heal. The elimination of these gaps can prevent leakage which contributes to swelling and the noticeable appearance of varicose veins.

2. Ingest grape seed extract.

You might not think that eating grape seeds sounds appetizing, but ingesting grape seed extract can be a beneficial way to help eliminate varicose veins. Grape seeds contain proanthocyanidins, which can contribute to better circulation.

Proanthocyanidins strengthen capillaries, arteries, and veins, allowing your circulatory system to better regulate itself. Improved circulation can help reduce the amount of pressure placed on the walls of the veins in your legs. This reduction in pressure eliminates vein collapse, which can help reverse the swelling and discomfort associated with varicose veins.

3. Take some Butcher's Broom.

If you experience pain, heaviness, or itching as a result of your varicose veins, then taking regular oral doses of Butcher's Broom can be beneficial. Also known as knee holly or box holly, Butcher's Broom is a plant in the lily family.

When ingested orally, Butcher's Broom delivers compounds known as ruscogenins to the veins in your lower extremities. These ruscogenins work to restore the elasticity of the collagen inside the walls of your blood vessels. This increased elasticity helps the blood vessels constrict properly rather than blowing out and letting blood pool in the legs.

Finding ways to eliminate the symptoms of your varicose veins without surgery doesn't have to be challenging. Invest in some supplements like horse chestnut, grape seed extract, and Butcher's broom to help you manage your varicose veins naturally in the future. To learn more, contact a company like The Sheen Vein Institute


2 March 2017