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Parents: This Is How You Will Know Whether To Go To Pediatric Urgent Care Or The ER

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In the past parents had little choice but to take their ill children to the emergency room if their pediatricians' offices were closed. Today's parents have more flexibility when it comes to choosing where to take their children after-hours. This is because there are many pediatric urgent care facilities throughout the nation. The issue is that some parents do not know which situations warrant a trip to the ER or to an urgent care facility. The following are a few common illnesses or injuries that your child might encounter and how to assess where to take them.


If you child has a cut that is bleeding and looks as though it will need stitches, the injury can likely be treated at a pediatric urgent care facility. However, if there is profuse bleeding or a deep laceration, the ER is likely a better option. You should also opt for the ER if your child has a bleeding injury that could cause them to lose a limb.


Minor burns can be treated by urgent care facilities. Severe burns such as those that cover a large portion of skin should be handled by emergency room personnel. This is because your child may have some recovery time and may need to spend time in a burn unit. The intensity of the burn should also be noted. Even if the burn is small, if it has burned through several layers of skin, it is not considered a minor burn.


Children can get numerous types of infections, and most of them can be handled by urgent care for children facilities. Pink eye is an example of an eye infection that can be treated. Sinus infections, flu, colds, and urinary tract infections can also be handled by the professionals at these facilities. Keep a word of caution about the coughing that comes along with some of these conditions. If your child only has a bad cough, urgent care is ideal. However, if they are coughing up blood, the ER is ideal. 

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea are embarrassing conditions for some children. However, in many cases, they can be treated in a pediatric urgent care center. An exception would be blood in vomit or bloody stools. These should both be referred to an ER.

If you elect to go to a pediatric urgent care center like Emergency Care Dynamics and your child has an emergency situation that should be handled by the hospital, the center will refer you there. However, it is helpful to know what constitutes an ER visit because you could potentially save valuable time. 


10 March 2017