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I have always been in pretty good health, so I was surprised one day when my doctor told me my blood pressure was a bit high. She told me to begin watching my salt intake, start exercising, and to try to relax. Well, I intended to follow her advice when I left her office, but the next day I was back to my same habits. I kept using the salt shaker and didn't begin an exercise routine like I had planned. When I went for my next check-up, she told me that my blood pressure was even higher and approaching a dangerous level. I had to begin a blood pressure medication to manage it. I wanted to create a blog to share my story and remind people to listen to their doctors' advice. If a few lifestyle changes can improve your health, then you should make them.

Dealing With Rhinitis

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Rhinitis is the medical term for a stuffy nose, and if you tend to end up dealing with rhinitis often, then you know what a drag it can be. This article will offer you a lot of helpful information on some of the common causes of a stuffy nose and give you advice on some of the things that you can do in order to prevent some of those stuffy noses from showing up.

Allergies can cause rhinitis

One of the common causes of rhinitis is allergic reactions to pollen in the air. The pollen can activate your allergies and cause your mucous membrane in your nose to become swollen and irritated, which is exactly what causes the nose to be stuffy. Along with a stuffy nose, allergies can also leave you with watery eyes, itchy eyes, a tender forehead, and a scratchy throat.

If you feel that your rhinitis is being caused by allergies, then there are several things you can do in order to help prevent a bad flair up from occurring. You can start by making sure your air conditioning filter and registers are clean. You can also keep your home dusted, vacuumed, and swept as well as possible. Since doing these chores yourself can cause your allergies to flare up, it is best if you can get someone else to do them for you. If you have to do them yourself, then you may want to wear a face mask while you do them. You should also keep your windows closed during high pollen days. Also, try not to leave the house on days when the wind is more active, and drive with your windows rolled up.

A cold can cause rhinitis

The common cold can also cause rhinitis. If you catch a cold, then you want to make sure you blow your nose often and put some chapstick right under your nose if the skin under it starts to get irritated. In order to prevent yourself from catching more colds, you want to take vitamins, eat right, and wash your hands often. Also, try to avoid being around anyone who appears to be sick themselves.

You can use a humidifier in your house when you have a stuffy nose. Also, you can turn the hot water on in your bathroom and close yourself in so you can breathe in the steam, which will help to break up some of the mucous.

If you continue to have problems, there may be something else that is causing your rhinitis. Contact a medical facility in your area, such as Northwest Asthma & Allergy Center PS, for more information and treatments. 


7 April 2017