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I have always been in pretty good health, so I was surprised one day when my doctor told me my blood pressure was a bit high. She told me to begin watching my salt intake, start exercising, and to try to relax. Well, I intended to follow her advice when I left her office, but the next day I was back to my same habits. I kept using the salt shaker and didn't begin an exercise routine like I had planned. When I went for my next check-up, she told me that my blood pressure was even higher and approaching a dangerous level. I had to begin a blood pressure medication to manage it. I wanted to create a blog to share my story and remind people to listen to their doctors' advice. If a few lifestyle changes can improve your health, then you should make them.

Best Way To Prepare For Cataract Surgery

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The National Eye Institute says a person has cataracts when their lenses become cloudy and they can no longer see as clearly. They also point out that by the age of 75 half of the population in the United States has cataracts. If you find yourself in that statistic, your doctor will recommend cataract surgery. There are a few things you'll need to do to prepare before the big day arrives:

Take Time Off

While the surgery is quite common and doesn't require too much time to get back to normal, you'll still need to take a few days off of work. As soon as you have your surgery date call your boss and ask for that day off, plus two more for recovery. Your doctor may recommend a longer recovery time depending on how physical your job is. You can also expect certain limitations following surgery, such as not lifting any person or object that is over 15 pounds.

Find a Friend Who Can Drive You Around

In addition to needing a friend or family member to take you to the surgery and transport you home, you'll also want to have someone who can cart you around for a few days. As your vision heals from the surgery, it may be a bit blurry. Driving at night may also pose a problem in the beginning. Until your doctor has given you a post-operation check-up, it's best to allow someone else to take you to run your errands. 

Fast and Abstain From Medications

Your doctor will go over your list of medications, including any vitamins and herbal supplements, and let you know which ones you need to refrain from taking before surgery. It is also important that patients fast before any surgery, including cataract surgery. If you're a diabetic, talk to your surgeon to see if you can be one of the first surgeries of the day so that you can eat soon after and take your insulin if necessary. 

Use Antibiotic Eye Drops

In order to keep your eyes from becoming infected due to the cataract surgery, your doctor may request you use antibiotic eye drops for the days leading up to surgery. Be sure to let your surgeon know if you are allergic to any antibiotics. When you pick up the prescription, always follow the instructions on the label and ask your doctor if you have any questions. 

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28 May 2017