Never Ignore Your Doctor's Advice About Your Blood Pressure

I have always been in pretty good health, so I was surprised one day when my doctor told me my blood pressure was a bit high. She told me to begin watching my salt intake, start exercising, and to try to relax. Well, I intended to follow her advice when I left her office, but the next day I was back to my same habits. I kept using the salt shaker and didn't begin an exercise routine like I had planned. When I went for my next check-up, she told me that my blood pressure was even higher and approaching a dangerous level. I had to begin a blood pressure medication to manage it. I wanted to create a blog to share my story and remind people to listen to their doctors' advice. If a few lifestyle changes can improve your health, then you should make them.

3 Things You Need To Know About Getting Weight Loss Results

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Wanting to lose weight and not being able to can be incredibly frustrating. There are so many men and women who are looking for healthy ways to lose weight and finally get the results that they have been wanting for years. Here are some things that you should know about weight loss programs:

1. Get A Physical To Rule Out Medical Reasons

There are so many medical reasons that cause people to gain weight, and there are also reasons that prevent people from losing weight. For instance, if there is a problem with your thyroid you are likely to have a hard time regulating your metabolism. People with thyroid issues may diet, exercise and do everything "right" by weightless standards and still lose no weight. Getting medication for the problem and treating the problem will be incredibly important before you start your weight loss program.

Thyroid issues are not the only cause of weight gain or trouble with weight loss. There are many other concerns as well. This is why a good physical is essential before you start your program.

2. Change Your Relationship With Food

Too many times people use food as an emotional comfort, a way to celebrate, and entertainment, rather than what it really is, fuel for your body. Yes, it is fun to go out to eat with friends and family, or to celebrate a great thing with dinner with those you love, but it shouldn't become excessive. Some people look forward to eating something at the end of a hard day; this is what gets them through the hard times. If this is your current relationship with food, you need to change your mindset to see food as fuel for your body. Choose foods that will nourish your body, not just be fun to eat. This will cause you to eat better, and eat less.

3. It Doesn't Have To Be All Or Nothing

Too many people think that if they can't do it all perfectly then, they shouldn't do it. This is not true, just change some of your daily habits to be healthier each day. If you don't exercise, start with walking. If you drink a lot of soda limit yourself to one a day, and then eventually one a week, and so forth. If you try to do everything at once, it won't be sustainable.

By knowing these things, you can get the results that you have always wanted. Contact a company like InShapeMD San Angelo for more information and assistance. 


14 November 2017