Never Ignore Your Doctor's Advice About Your Blood Pressure

I have always been in pretty good health, so I was surprised one day when my doctor told me my blood pressure was a bit high. She told me to begin watching my salt intake, start exercising, and to try to relax. Well, I intended to follow her advice when I left her office, but the next day I was back to my same habits. I kept using the salt shaker and didn't begin an exercise routine like I had planned. When I went for my next check-up, she told me that my blood pressure was even higher and approaching a dangerous level. I had to begin a blood pressure medication to manage it. I wanted to create a blog to share my story and remind people to listen to their doctors' advice. If a few lifestyle changes can improve your health, then you should make them.

Has Your Doctor Prescribed Leukapheresis? 4 Tips To Help You Through The Treatment

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If you've been diagnosed with certain types of cancer, such as prostate or leukemia, your doctor may recommend leukapheresis. Cancer causes a dramatic increase in the production of white blood cells. One of the benefits of leukapheresis is that it removes white blood cells from the body, which helps make chemotherapy more effective. When it's time for your first leukapheresis appointment, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for the entire process. Here are four steps you should take to be as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

Ask a Friend to Come Along

Leukapheresis is a lengthy process. It's conducted in two-steps. You'll need to sit still during your entire appointment. To help the time go more quickly, you should ask a friend to come along with you. Not only will your friend be able to keep you company, they'll also be able to bring you things like water, juice and snacks. It's also important to remember that your leukapheresis treatment may leave you feeling weak, which means you might not be in any condition to drive yourself home. Having a friend with you will ensure that you're able to get home safely after your treatment.

Dress Comfortably

As stated in the previous section, you'll need to sit still throughout your treatment. Because of this, it's important that you dress comfortably. Wearing loose-fitting pants will keep your waist from becoming constricted during treatment, while wearing short-sleeved shirts will make it easier to insert the needles required for treatment. It's also a good idea to wear slippers or slip-on shoes to help keep your feet comfortable during your treatment.

Bring Something to Keep You Warm

During treatment, you may develop chills, which can be quite uncomfortable. Your chair may be heated, but that still may not be enough to reduce the chills. To help keep you warm and comfortable during treatment, it's a good idea to bring a warm blanket with you. You might also want to bring an extra pair of warm socks to help keep your feet warm.

Be Prepared for Some Side Effects

In addition to the chills, the leukapheresis treatment may also leave you with a few other side effects. You should be prepared for those side effects. Some of them include numbness and tingling in your feet, hands, or lips. You may also develop muscle spasms in your legs. If you develop those side effects during treatment, it's important that you tell your nurse as soon as possible.


13 March 2018