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What Your OB Wants You To Know About Water Birth

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For many obstetricians, or OBs, one of the most common questions that occur involves the best way to give birth. For many women, giving birth is a scary and uncertain ordeal. It is natural to have some concerns about the future of your labor and delivery.

You may be considering a water birth as part of your birth plan. If this is a consideration for you, there are a few things you should know about it. Here's what your OB wants you to know.

Plans Often Change Quickly During Labor

One of the first things that laboring mothers need to know is that the process can change. The baby and your body often call the shots, which means that your dream of a water birth can quickly change. The good news is that having an OB available can help you analyze the different options and build a backup plan. Your OB will also help you determine if a C-section may be necessary.

Keep in mind that you can also change your mind. Even if you have been planning for a water birth since week six and it's now week 37, speak with your OB. They can help you adjust your plan realistically.

You Still Need to Move

Water birth can be very beneficial, but to get the most of its benefits you must make sure you are moving around frequently. You need to stand up every couple of hours and move your body. This minimizes pain and can also help the baby shift position so that it is ready for birth.

You Can Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Even in a hospital that allows for water births, you can set the tone. Lighting can help relieve your anxiety and provide a sense of comfort to the birth. Smells that you like can also be beneficial for the process.

If Something Doesn't Feel Right, Tell the Doctor

Your OB is on your side, and they want to do everything possible to protect you and your child. It is important that you speak with your doctor if something hurts or feels strange — even during labor. They will help you determine if you need additional adjustments or treatment.

Your OB Is There to Help

Your OB is available to help you make the decisions you find difficult. If you are considering a water birth, talk to your doctor about the benefits and considerations necessary. Consult with your doctor to discuss your labor.


11 February 2021