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4 Benefits Of Using An Onsite Injury Prevention Service As Part Of Your Warehouse's Safety Program

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Integrating onsite injury prevention services into your warehouse's safety program can help your business save money by reducing the chance that your employees will injure themselves on the job. These services provide your business with physical therapists who bring their practice to your warehouse, allowing them to treat your employees while they work.

Physical therapy helps your employees keep up with the high demands of working in a warehouse, which helps them avoid injury. Fewer injuries mean that you'll have fewer workers' compensation claims filed, and it also means that employees will be off of work due to an injury less often. Below, you'll learn four benefits of using an onsite injury prevention service as part of your warehouse's overall safety strategy.

1. Teaches Employees Proper Lifting Technique With Hands-On Demonstrations

Proper lifting techniques will help your employees avoid becoming injured on the job, and onsite injury prevention services will come to your workplace in order to physically demonstrate how to lift items using your store's own inventory. Hands-on training is very effective, and it's a better approach than having new employees look at diagrams about how to lift objects properly — employees will be guided on how to lift objects, and their form will be observed by a physical therapist. When your employees maintain proper lifting form throughout the day, their chances of suffering from a back injury due to lifting heavy objects will be reduced.

2. Prevents Injuries From Repetitive Movement From Becoming More Serious

Repetitive strain injuries are common in warehouses, and onsite injury prevention services can help you avoid them. Lifting smaller boxes constantly throughout the workday puts stress on your employees' tendons and ligaments, which causes them to break down and become more susceptible to serious injury.

Employees who are feeling sore due to repetitive strain injuries can be directed to your onsite injury prevention services, where they'll be assessed by a physical therapist. If continuing to work would put the employee at risk of a more severe injury, they can take a few days off in order to give their ligaments and tendons time to heal. A few days of missed work is preferable to an employee suffering a tendon or ligament sprain while on the job since these more severe injuries take longer to heal and are more expensive to treat. By intervening early, onsite injury prevention services are able to save your business money by making it less likely that minor repetitive strain injuries are allowed to progress to full-blown sprains.

3. Provides Triage Services to Divert Employees From Needless Urgent Care or Emergency Department Visits

In addition to catching minor injuries early and giving them a chance to heal before they worsen, onsite injury prevention services can also help your business save money by performing triage services for your employees. Employees who are feeling more sore than usual and are wondering if they're injured may decide to go to the urgent care or the emergency department immediately.

Unfortunately, urgent care clinics and emergency departments tend to be quite expensive, and your business will be financially responsible for the employee's care if they file a worker's compensation claim. In order to keep costs low, you can make your onsite injury prevention service the first place where employees go for treatment. Treatment provided by your injury prevention services typically costs less than outside care, and your employees can be referred to outside care if their injuries are more severe than your injury prevention services are able to treat.

4. Boosts Employee Retention

Finally, onsite injury prevention services can help your warehouse retain employees by helping to reduce their pain. Employees in jobs involving a considerable amount of physical labor, including working in a warehouse, often go home at the end of the day feeling sore and tired. Your onsite injury prevention services can suggest stretches and other treatments that your employees can use to alleviate pain on their own. You'll help boost employee retention by helping them feel better physically. Along with decreasing the amount of pain that they feel because of their physically demanding job, this form of treatment also helps your employees avoid future injuries at work.

Overall, onsite injury prevention services help your warehouse employees work more efficiently. Reducing the aches and pains associated with physical labor will help reduce the number of sick days that your employees require, and reducing the likelihood that employees will be injured on the job will help your business save money by avoiding worker's compensation claims. If your warehouse isn't using onsite injury prevention services as part of its overall safety program, contact a provider in your area, and ask how they can help your employees be safe and pain-free on the job. 


24 August 2021